Wir tanzen Alles - und zu den unterschiedlichsten Musikrichtungen und Rhythmen.

"Ohrwürmer", Hits, Mambo, Boogie, .... ganz selten ist es Country !

Die Musik muss ins Ohr und in die Füße gehen und .... uns vor allem gefallen.

Viel Spaß beim Tanzen und das Lächeln nicht vergessen!

Datum Tanz    
 06.02.2020 Holding Hands Together    32c-4w-Improver
 23.01.2020 Candyman    36c-4w-Intermediate
 09.01.2020 T Me On    32c-2w-Improver
  TÄNZE 2019    
 21.11.2019 Adalaida    32c-2w-Improver
 07.11.2019 Gone West    32c-4w-Improver
 24.10.2019 Train Swing    32c-4w-Beginner

Patrick Hering


When You Smile

Gone West

Up In The Air

Bonaparte's Retreat

Train Swing

Wiggle Freeze

 17.10.2019 Heart Body & Soul    32c-4w-Beginner
 03.10.2019 Blue Rose Is    40c-1w-Beginner
 19.09.2019 High Five    32c-4w-Improver
 05.09.2019 Lonely Blues    64c-4w-Improver
 22.08.2019 Soul Shake    64c-4w-Low Intermediate
 08.08.2019 True Fine Mama    48c-4w-Improver
 25.07.2019 Bonaparte's Retreat    32c-4w-High Beginner
 11.07.2019 Something You Love    32c-4w-High Improver
 27.06.2019 Cold Light Of Day    32c-4w-Improver
 06.06.2019 Codigo    32c-4w-Improver
 23.05.2019 Everybody Can Rumba    32c-4w-Absolute Beginner
 16.05.2019 Overseas    32c-4w-Beginner
 09.05.2019 Simply The Best    48c-2w-Intermediate
 25.04.2019 The Boogie Jive    48c-4w-High Beginner
 11.04.2019 Yes M'am No M'am    48c-4w-Improver
 28.03.2019 Make An Appearance    28c-2w-Intermediate
 14.03.2019 Cherry Bomb    32c-4w-Improver
 28.02.2019 I've Been Waiting For You    32c-2w-Intermediate
 14.02.2019 Hey Senorita    48c-2w-Absolute Beginner
 31.01.2019 The King Of Kings ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    32c-4w-High Improver
 31.01.2019 Rocket To The Sun    32c-4w-Absolute Beginner
 17.01.2019 Havana Cha    32c-4w-High Improver
 17.01.2019 Shout Shout    32c-2w-Beginner
 17.01.2019 Run For Roses    24c-4w-Improver
  TÄNZE 2018    
 22.11.2018 Veneno    32c-4w-Improver
 08.11.2018 Big Coconuts    48c-2w-Improver
 25.10.2018 Simple    32c-2w-High Beginner
 11.10.2018 A Double Whiskey    64c-4w-Improver
 27.09.2018 Love Flow    32c-4w-Improver
 13.09.2018 The King And I    32c-4w-High Improver
 30.08.2018 Be Strong    32c-4w-High Improver
 23.08.2018 Jolene - For 'The Lady'    32c-2w-Improver
 16.08.2018 Mamma Mia! Why Me?    32c-2w-Beginner
 02.08.2018 Groovy Love    32c-4w-Improver
 19.07.2018 I Close My Eyes    32c-4w-Beginner
 05.07.2018 The Queen    32c-2w-Easy Intermediate
 21.06.2018 Turn 'em On    32c-4w-High Improver
 07.06.2018 Alice    32c-4w-Improver
 17.05.2018 Cuba Libre    32c-4w-High Beginner
 03.05.2018 Sweet Hurt    64c-4w-High Beginner
 26.04.2018 Sleepy Eyes    64c-4w-Low Intermediate
 12.04.2018 Hi Bartender!    32c-4w-Improver
 29.03.2018 Down At The Station    32c-4w-Improver
 15.03.2018 The Island    32c-4w-High Improver
 01.03.2018 All The Same    16c-4w-High Improver
 15.02.2018 Ride Away    48c-4w-High Improver
 01.02.2018 Katchi    32c-4w-Absolute Beginner
 01.02.2018 A Thousand Stars    64c-2w-Intermediate
 18.01.2018 C'est La Vie    32c-4w-Intermediate
  TÄNZE 2017    
 30.11.2017 West Coast Tulsa    32c-2w-Improver

Pim van Grootel


Let's Go To Church

C'est La Vie

Goodbye For Now

We Can Do It

 16.11.2017 Be There In Your Morning    32c-4w-Beginner
 02.11.2017 Wandering Hearts    32c-2w-High Improver
 12.10.2017 Young Love    32c-4w-Improver
 28.09.2017 The Most Beautiful Girl    32c-4w-Improver
 14.09.2017 Champagne Promise    32c-4w-Improver
 31.08.2017 Rhythm In My Soul    32c-2w-Low Intermediate
 17.08.2017 I Must Be Dreaming    64c-4w-High Improver
 03.08.2017 Save Me Tonight    32c-4w-Beginner
 20.07.2017 Lonely Drum    32c-4w-Improver
 06.07.2017 MamboSA    32c-4w-Low Intermediate
 22.06.2017 (Sweat) A La La La La Long    32c-4w-Low Intermediate
 08.06.2017 Let It Swing    32c-2w-Beginner
 18.05.2017 Boys And A Girl Thing    32c-4w-Beginner
 04.05.2017 Old And Grey    64c-4w-Improver
  Is There Love    32c-4w-Beginner
 27.04.2017 L D F (Let's Dance Forever)    32c-4w-Beginner

Rob Fowler


Old And Grey

Latin And Lace

Boys And A Girl Thing

Friday At The Dance

Tango With Me Darling

Go To Work

 20.04.2017 1,2,3...Floor    48c-2w-Intermediate
 13.04.2017 Little Rhumba    32c-4w-Beginner
 06.04.2017 On To Something Good    32c-4w-Improver
  Puttin' On The Ritz    32c-4w-Beginner
 30.03.2017 Ah Si!    32c-4w-Ultra Beginner
 23.03.2017 Bard Of The Bronx    48c-4w-Beginner/Intermediate
 16.03.2017 Cowboy For A Night    32c-4w-Improver
 09.03.2017 Dig Your Heels    52c-4w-Easy Intermediate
 23.02.2017 4 Little Heels    32c-4w-Beginner

Christine Steindl


Cowboy For A Night

 09.02.2017 Gypsy Queen    32c-4w-Improver
 26.01.2017 Dimelo Tu    28c-4w-High Improver
 12.01.2017 Lovin' Machine    48c-4w-Beginner
  TÄNZE 2016    
 24.11.2016 Well Swung    48c-4w-Improver
 10.11.2016 Movin' And A Groovin'    48c-4w-Improver
 27.10.2016 We Go Home    32c-4w-Low Intermediate
 13.10.2016 My Island Lady    32c-2w-Beginner
 06.10.2016 Shake A Tail Feather    48c-4w-High Beginner
 22.09.2016 I'm Lonely    64c-2w-Improver
 08.09.2016 Memphis    32c-4w-Intermediate
 25.08.2016 The Bop    32c-4w-Improver
 11.08.2016 I Can't Stop Loving You    32c-4w-Easy Intermediate
 28.07.2016 Rock And Roll Music    44c-2w-Improver
 14.07.2016 Stop Staring At My Eyes    32c-4w-High Beginner
 30.06.2016 So Just Dance Dance Dance    32c-4w-Easy Intermediate
 16.06.2016 Old Flames    48c-2w-Intermediate
 02.06.2016 Dance Like Your Daddy    48c-2w-Intermediate
 12.05.2016 Be Happy Now    32c-4w-Beginner

Christine Steindl


Blue Crying Eyes

Call Me

Crazy For You

Tuesday Blues

I'll Be Alright

 28.04.2016 Shake, Edith Shake    2x48c-2w-Improver (engl)
 21.04.2016 S.T. One    64c-4w-HighBeginner
 07.04.2016 Everything To Us    32c-4w-HighBeginner
 24.03.2016 L D F (Let's Dance Forever)    32c-4w-Beginner
 10.03.2016 Call Me    48c-2w-Easy Intermediate

Niels Poulsen


Those Russians

Everything To Us

Is It Over?

Sexy Night

 25.02.2016 (20:00 - 21:00) Tuesday Blues    64c-2w-High Intermediate
 25.02.2016 Under The Moon Of Love    48c-4w-Improver
 11.02.2016 Blackpool By The Sea    32c-4w-Improver
 28.01.2016 Tonight's The Night    32c-2w-Improver
 14.01.2016 Big Blue Tree    32c-4w-Improver
  TÄNZE 2015    
 26.11.2015 To Be Loved By You    48c-4w-OECWTA-Silber 2016
 12.11.2015 Crazy For You    64c-2w-Intermediate

Patrick Hering


Lay Low

Locklin's Bar

We Get One Shot

Night Changes

 29.10.2015 Wings    24c-4w-OECWTA-Gold 2016
 22.10.2015 Lipstick, Powder And Paint    32c-4w-absolut Beginner
 17.10.2015  Workshop National LD-Day 2015  

Lipstick,Powder And Paint
Crocodile Roll
To Be Loved By You
Let's Stay Together
Cha Cha With Me

 08.10.2015 Head In The Sky    32c-4w-Intermediate
 01.10.2015 Peligrosa    32c-4w-easy Intermediate
 10.09.2015 Cardio Jive    32c-4w-easy Intermediate
 27.08.2015 The Bomp    64c-2w-Improver

Christine Steindl



Allmost Crazy

The Bomp

One More Chance

Girl Crush

And Get It On

Dear Future Husband

 13.08.2015 Emergency    32c-4w-Improver
 30.07.2015 Como Yo    32c-4w-Improver
 16.07.2015 I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do    32c-4w-Improver
 02.07.2015 And Get It On    32c-4w-Intermediate
 11.06.2015 Tell The World    32c-4w-Improver
 21.05.2015 My Little Weekend Girl    64c-4w-low Intermediate
 07.05.2015 Vienna Cha Cha    48c-4w-Intermediate
 30.04.2015 Dear Future Husband    32c-3w-Intermediate
 16.04.2015 Stomp    32c-4w-Improver
 02.04.2015 Sweet Maureen    32c-4w-Beginner

Rob Fowler



Sunshine & Whiskey

Uptown Funk

You Are What You Love

Turn The Beat Around

Shades Of Passion

 19.03.2015 Rock & Roll King    64c-4w-Improver
 05.03.2015 Triple Mix    32c-2w-Beginner
 19.02.2015 Coffee Time Samba    32c-4w-Improver
 12.02.2015 You Lied To Me    16c-4w-Ultra-Beginner
 05.02.2015 Almost Crazy    32c-4w-Improver
 22.01.2015 A Devil In Disguise    80c-1w-Intermediate
 22.01.2015 Falling Rain    32c-4w-Beginner
 08.01.2015 Crocodile Roll    32c-4w-HighBeginner
  TÄNZE 2014    
 18.12.2014 Cheek To Cheek    
 04.12.2014 All Bass No Treble    
 13.11.2014 Applejack (Wie tanze ich Applejacks?)    

Patrick Hering


A Sweet Sum Sum

The Boat To Liverpool


Not So Ordinary

Bomba Latina

 06.11.2014 Hickory Lake    
 23.10.2014 Going Back West    
 09.10.2014 Makita    
 25.09.2014     They Call Me The Breeze
 11.09.2014 Let Me Wrap ...    
 28.08.2014 Piano Man    
 14.08.2014 Love You Forever    

Rachael McEnaney



Mmm Yeah

Man In The Mirror

AK Freak

All Of Me


Rachael McEnaney



Caught In The Moonlight

Love You Forever

Love Me Right

Somewhere In My Car

Queen Bee

This Is How We Roll

Let's Have A Party

 31.07.2014 Country 2 Step    
 24.07.2014 Such A Fool    
 10.07.2014     Walking Through
 03.07.2014 Could I Have This Dance    
 26.06.2014 Tango With The Sheriff    
 05.06.2014     Rum 'N' Cocaah Cola
 15.05.2014 Feeling Hot    
 08.05.2014     My First Love
 17.04.2014     Slippery
 10.04.2014 Love Hurts    
 27.03.2014 Moves Like Jagger    
 13.03.2014     Thankful
 06.03.2014 Honeycomb    
 20.02.2014 Fall In Love   Have You Ever Seen The Rain
 06.02.2014 Catch The Fish    
 30.01.2014 Mama Loo
Million Dollar Dance
 25.01.2014  Workshop National LD-Day 2014  

Mama Loo
Askin' Questions
Catch The Fish
Million Dollar


 16.01.2014 Honky Tonk Swing    
 09.01.2014     Be My Baby Now
  TÄNZE 2013    
 12.12.2013 This Little Light
Mini Mariana
Dream Lover
 21.11.2013 Blue Moon Party   Party Shaker
 14.11.2013 Little Red Book   Back In Time
 31.10.2013 Blueberry Chill    
 24.10.2013     CC Rider
 10.10.2013 The Rain Has Gone    
 03.10.2013     Sleep
 26.09.2013 Por Ti Sere    
 19.09.2013     TinkaBelle
 12.09.2013 Little Rhumba    
 07.09.2013  LD-Disco: Canadian Stomp    
 05.09.2013 Hello Josephine   Shame & Scandal
 22.08.2013 Got My Baby Back   Can't Let Go
 03.08.2013  Workshop Maggie Gallagher  

Celtic Teardrops
Dance of Love
Love Is A Word

You're The Reason

01.08.2013 Stick Like Glue   Love Is A Word
18.07.2013 Pizziricco   Blurred Lines
04.07.2013 C'est La Vie    
27.06.2013 Rivers Of Babylon   Celtic Teardrops
13.06.2013 Sweetie    
06.06.2013 Go Seven   Cry To Me
23.05.2013 An Apple A Day   Mr. Mysterious
16.05.2013 1000 Years (Or More)   Moonlight Madness
02.05.2013 Love Trick    
25.04.2013 Boot Scootin' Boogie   2 Galway Girls
18.04.2013 Put A Little Love    
11.04.2013     Mexi-Fest
04.04.2013 Imelda's Way    
28.03.2013 Smokey Places   Don't Rush
21.03.2013 Whole Again   Smokey Places
14.03.2013 Let's Break Up Tomorrow   Jackson
28.02.2013 Toes    
21.02.2013 Tumbleweed   Sing Sing Sing
14.02.2013 Mambo 101   That's Right Mambo
07.02.2013 Cowboy Strut   Blue Crying Eyes
31.01.2013 Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight   Waltz Across Texas
24.01.2013 Peaches And Cream   Bosa Nova
17.01.2013 New Train    
10.01.2013 That Man   Viva La Rumba
  TÄNZE 2012    
20.12.2012 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town    
29.11.2012 This Little Light    
22.11.2012 If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body   Makin' Waves
15.11.2012 Hearts & Flowers   1929
08.11.2012 Under The Sun   I Saw Linda Yesterday
25.10.2012     Islands In The Stream
18.10.2012 Slipped & Fell    
11.10.2012 Honey, Honey   KD Cha
04.10.2012 Rock And Roll Kiss   Blanket On The Ground
27.09.2012 Rio   Sweet Corinna

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